Performance at the highest level – the new solid carbide aluminium milling cutter 40-5380 with central internal cooling


New in the program at HAM Präzision: the new solid carbide aluminum milling cutter 40-5380 with central internal cooling

Our very successful HSC / HPC aluminium milling cutters of the 40-5350, 40-5390 and 40-5490 series have been convincing our customers worldwide for many years. The excellent performance in terms of metal removal rate, smooth running and surface quality leaves almost nothing to be desired.

HAM milling cutters in connection with a powerful and highly dynamic machine form an invincible team.

But can first-class milling cutters still be improved?
Yes, and HAM knows HOW!

Here is the latest addition to the HSC / HPC aluminium milling family:

The new HAM 40-5380 with central internal coolant supply impresses with:

– Even better chip evacuation
– Even higher feed rate for full slot milling
– Even deeper infeed when milling full grooves
– Suitable for both roughing and finishing
– Cooling where the chip is formed
– No more chips on the workpiece
– Specifically suitable for structural components and CAD/CAM

Already available from stock!

Test it yourself and push our new HSC / HPC aluminium milling cutter 40-5380 to its limit or find our the limit of your machine!

Please note that due to the central coolant supply there is no center cutting edge, which is why the milling cutter 40-5380 is not suitable for drilling.

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