After the official opening of our showroom and the presentation of the digital process chain was a very big success, we would like to present our showroom now also virtually online in 360°.

Learn how processes for your manufacturing can be optimally mapped hand-in-hand.…

Wir nehmen Umweltschutz und Nachhaltigkeit selbst in die Hand

As a family-run, medium-sized industrial company and one of the largest local employers, HAM Präzision is aware of its responsibility in environmental protection and sustainability.

Careful use of resources and avoidance of emissions are the primary goals of HAM’s environmental management system.…

Solid carbide tools by HAM

Special-polishing process HYBRID SURFACE FINISHING

With the new Hybrid Surface Finishing HAM is launching a polishing process in which all tool surfaces are hyper smooth polished with defined and reproduceable main and secondary cutting edge preparation.…

Tieflochbohrer von HAM

HAM deep hole drills are used even more successfully – thanks to the special polishing process with high gloss effect

The company Stöferle from Laupheim-Untersulmetingen is very successfully
solid carbide deep hole drill with the unique special polishing process.…

Leistungsstarke Trochoidfräser von HAM

New powerful trochoid cutters from HAM

Trochoid cutters by HAM

With the new powerful trochoidal milling cutters from HAM, users can machine workpieces even faster, with a higher quality and more reliable process. The tools with cutting lengths of 3xD and 4xD are particularly suitable for machining different types of steel, INOX and grey cast iron…

Bearbeitung von modernen Werkstoffen

Processing of modern materials: A firm grip on the exotic

Special tools for the aviation industry

They are the exotics among the materials: Materials such as CFRP, titanium, honeycomb or aluminium are convincing due to their high strength combined with low weight and are preferably used in the aerospace industry.…