We take environmental protection and sustainability into our own hands

Wir nehmen Umweltschutz und Nachhaltigkeit selbst in die Hand

As a family-run, medium-sized industrial company and one of the largest local employers, HAM Präzision is aware of its responsibility in environmental protection and sustainability.

Careful use of resources and avoidance of emissions are the primary goals of HAM’s environmental management system.

In recent years, HAM has carried out numerous environmental protection projects and the results achieved are impressive:

For example, HAM has drastically reduced CO2 emissions since 2012 at the headquarter in Hörenhausen, cutting CO2 equivalent by 64%.

Reduzierung CO2-Äquivalent um 64%
HAM has reduced CO2 equivalent by 64% since 2012
Solarpaneele auf dem Werkdach
The roofs of our factory buildings in Hörenhausen are equipped with panels for the generation of solar energy.

Furthermore, projects in the areas of lighting, compressed air and coolant lubricant treatment have been carried out in recent years, and the complete heating system at the Hörenhausen site has been upgraded to the latest state of the art. As of today, 80% of the heat requirement is supplied from the heat recovery of the compressors and the heat generated during the grinding process.


From 2022, the main plant in Hörenhausen is to be supplied with energy by its own combined heat and power plant.

In 2023, this CHP unit will cover 100% of the heating and cooling requirements and 50% of the total electricity demand.

However, we cannot and will not rest on our laurels. That is why we always favor sustainable solutions, even for replacement and new investments.

When it comes to environmental protection and sustainability, we will continue to see the journey as the destination.