Our 360° Virtual Showroom is now online!

After the official opening of our showroom and the presentation of the digital process chain was a very big success, we would like to present our showroom now also virtually online in 360°.

Learn how processes for your manufacturing can be optimally mapped hand-in-hand. We will explain all optimized steps along the process chain from tool model creation according to DIN 4000 to machining on the machine.

In this context, data management, massive time savings and cost reductions are the core topics of the digital process chain.

Click through all the building blocks of our unique process chain and let us explain how the possibilities of a modern, digitalized and efficient factory can be presented for your machining production.

A total of 13 partners present themselves in our virtual showroom.

In addition to an overview of all showroom partners, you will receive an overview of the system landscape of the process chain – from process design and simulation, to procurement and storage, tool preparation, the setup process, and all the way to use on the machining center. Through networking by means of various interfaces, the different modules communicate in interaction with each other.

The advantage is that the modules can be selected individually according to your needs and requirements and are also compatible with existing processes in your production.

By clicking on the buttons “I” or “Play” at the respective building blocks you will get detailed information and videos from our showroom partners.

Click here to go to our 360° Virtual Showroom: https://vr-easy.com/17530/

You are also welcome to view a live presentation of the digital process chain at our main plant in Schwendi-Hörenhausen.

Our showroom is also available for seminars, training, user and technology days, and customer information meetings.

Here you can make an appointment with us. We are looking forward to your message!

“We are very pleased that our vision has been well received and that we have been able to inspire and win so many partners for our project! The digital process chain is the future and solution for the ever increasing demands in the machining industry.”

Raffael Eberle