Trochoid cutters from HAM

Leistungsstarke Trochoidfräser von HAM

New powerful trochoid cutters from HAM

Trochoid cutters by HAM

With the new powerful trochoidal milling cutters from HAM, users can machine workpieces even faster, with a higher quality and more reliable process. The tools with cutting lengths of 3xD and 4xD are particularly suitable for machining different types of steel, INOX and grey cast iron…

With the new milling cutters, HAM has expanded its range of trochoidal milling cutters in response to the increasing demand for longer cutting edges for shorter machining times. The HAM 40-5191 in 3xD and HAM 40-5291 in 4xD achieve very good machining results in trochoidal and high-speed milling. The tools are made of special solid carbide (VHM). They are provided with a resistant coating. HAM offers these tools with MMP TECHNOLGY, a new polishing process for mirror-smooth surfaces. Milling tools treated in this way have significantly better surfaces than conventionally polished tools. Due to the long tool life, users achieve economical machining processes. As a five-cutter, the milling cutter convinces with a very high cutting volume.

HAM has applied its extensive know-how in the development of tools and geometries to the new cutters. Important design features are the cutting edge pitch, the spiral pitch and the geometrically balanced cutting area. As a result, the milling cutters work particularly quietly, cause hardly any vibration and thus ensure reliable processes. When selecting the spiral pitch, HAM has taken care to ensure that both types have five ACPs (Axial Contact Points) each. This allows the tool to position itself optimally in relation to the component, thus enabling continuous machining.

Both tool variants have special chip breakers. This produces particularly short chips which can be easily removed. At the same time, it prevents metal parts that are too long from damaging the workpiece and disturbing or even interrupting the process. The HAM 40-5191 version is available in diameters from 6 to 20 millimeters, HAM 40-5291 is available in diameters from 10 to 20 millimeters. Customer-specific tool designs are possible at any time on request.